Sunday, July 5, 2009

Amos Lee - Arms Of A Woman

Sometimes you just have to sit back, enjoy the music and forget about the ills of the world for a while....

The Road Less Traveled

It was a beautiful evening. My family and I sat on the beach watching an endless array of fireworks from fellow beach goers. The sandy shores were lined with hundreds of friends and family each armed with an abundance of fireworks. It was hard to see it all so I laid back my beach chair to see the action. I couldn't help thinking about our founding fathers and those that sacrificed and died for our freedom. Our history is rich with those willing to ignore their own lives for those of others. And our brave men and women in our armed forces continue to put their lives at risk so that our freedoms are protected. May God bless each one!

Sacrifice and the denial of self interest is a rare quality in our politicians these days. Each day brings a new confession of infidelity or misdeeds from our elected officials. They cheat, steal, line their own pockets without a thought of consequence and then beg for mercy when caught. Hopeful that a tearful apology will set the record straight, they continue on as if the slate is now clean and more opportunity awaits their lustful desires. And if you happen to be on the same political side with the main stream media, all is well, no worries, they will find a flaw in your opponent to exploit so the light is off of you.... sickening!

And then we have Sarah Palin. The conservative the media and the liberal left loves to hate. This week Governor Palin announced that she will be stepping down as governor of the state of Alaska by the end of the month. It is surely one of the toughest decisions of her political career. She knew that she would hear the cries of "quitter" which she indeed has. But is she? Since John McCain tagged her as his presidential running mate, she and her family have been attacked unmercifully. Now that the race is over the attacks have not subsided. The phony ethic complaints have continued and the financial impact for her and the state of Alaska are enormous. Her ability to govern has been impaired and her family has suffered as well.

So Sarah steps away from her elected position. Some say it was stupid and political suicide. Some say it was brilliant. I disagree with both. I believe her decision was one of self sacrifice and putting the state of Alaska and her family above herself. It is a risky move and there is no guarantee what the outcome will be. She is standing strong and braving the unknown for the benefit of others. Rare indeed! It is no wonder that the media is in shock and completely baffled. They do not recognize actions showing strength and sacrifice.

Sarah has taken the road less traveled. A departure from politics of norm. Will it her hurt her politically? Only time will tell. I for one celebrate a brave stateswomen in a time where the ugliness of politicians abound. Sarah, may God bless you!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Rush You Nailed It!

Obama's support of Zelaya's regime and the calling of his ousting an illegal coup actually surprised me. Zelaya tried to override the Honduran constitution and stay in power. His hand was called and the Honduran courts stopped him. Zelaya attempted a Chavez style takeover and was thankfully thwarted. Newsmax reports that Limbaugh's believes that Obama's support is "laying groundwork for third term".

Newsmax report Limbaugh as saying, "I wouldn't put it past Obama to be plotting right now how to serve beyond 2016, and I think [that’s the reason for the] way he's reacting to what's happening in Honduras. They've got a constitution. They’re a democratically elected set of officials down there, and you had a guy running the country, Mel Zelaya, who was just going to basically rip that country's democracy to shreds and the country moved in to stop him from doing it. And Obama sides with the guy who wanted to rip up the constitution."

Rush you nailed it. Although he has strong sympathies toward Marxist dictators, it is the constitution that is Obama's largest obstacle to his socialist agenda!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Reporters Hammer Gibbs

What? Reporters are starting to get annoyed? Hmmmm......